Belly Dance is the Cultural Dance of the Middle East. It is fun, exotic, and an excellent form of low impact exercise focusing on body isolations and core strength. It is practiced in social situations as well as presented as an art form. Benefits of Belly Dance are an increase in Stamina, Strength, Posture, Balance, and Feminine Sensuality.

   Phoenix Belly DancingClasses offered:

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Beginning Bellydance

Beginning class is a basic introduction to the Classical Cabaret Style of the Middle Eastern Belly Dance. The class includes basic movements with a focus on isolations & posture. .Instruction includes veil and floor work as well as an introduction to playing Zills, the Middle Eastern Finger Cymbals .

Intermediate / Advanced Belly Dance

Intermediate/ Advanced Belly Dance Class is focused on learning to combine and improvise belly dance movements in response to Arabic influenced Music.
Instruction will include zills, veil work, floor work, drum solo and the basic structure of a dance routine.

Belly Dance Choreography

Intermediate/ Advanced Level Students interested in learning choreography. Students will be encouraged and coached for performances.

Gazelle has created "Astarte" a Professional Dance Troupe from students who have taken this class.

Professional Costumes will be required to be purchase for performances.

Scottsdale Belly Dancing
elly Dance Special Interest Workshops, Belly Dance Class Theme Parties, and Private Lessons can be scheduled by contacting Gazelle

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Arizona Belly Dancers

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