Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is included in the performance?
  • The Cabaret Style performances include an entrance acknowledging the guests, drum solo, optional props (swords, candles, canes and veils) and energetic inspiring music to get the guests up to dance.

  • Do the guests have to dance at the occasion?
  • It is always more fun to dance with the guests. We always ask and encourage dancing. If the guests do not want to dance then we do not insist or put them on the spot unless we can see that they want to and are being shy.

  • What do the dancers wear to a performance?
  • The dancers wear a standard cabaret style of costume which consists of beaded and coin Bras and Belts, Skirts, Veils. Dancers are sexy, classy, and cover enough for any age of guests.

  • What types of events are suitable for belly dancers?
  • We dance at Birthday Parties for all ages, special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries and holidays. We also do belly grams.

    We are known to teach Belly Dance lessons at Birthday Parties for ladies of all ages.

    We also perform at conventions, and festivals and events.

  • What about Surprise Parties?
  • It is always more exciting for the dancer to be a surprise to the guests, especially the guest of honor. This keeps the dancer more mysterious. A client usually meets the dancer outside the event and takes the music to start up when it is time for the dancer to perform.

  • What about the music?
  • The dancer always makes her own music compilation to fit the occasion . Please inform the dancer who will be in the audience: age group, ethnicity, etc. There are different styles of music that appeal to different people.

    Inform the dancer if the sound system will be provided and the medium required: CD, cassettes or MP3.

  • How long is a performance?
  • The length of a Performance starts at 15 minutes and can be as long as 45. It depends on the occasion, and the amount of audience participation.

  • What is the cost of a performance?
  • Please contact us for pricing information


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